A riveting and wild ride with the Bonnie and Clyde of sexual exhibitionism. Keri and David, college sweethearts together embark on a journey of personal discovery through their shared belief that they would define the terms of their relationship rather than the church, society, family, or friends. They play The Game in which they go out to a nightclub together but split up once inside and act like they're single. From there the exploits grow more complicated and devious as friends are seduced, an intern is taken advantage of, an evil boss's career is ruined, an arrogant boyfriend's girl is ravaged while he's only steps away in the shower! The wild escapades end as Keri and David assume fake identities and attend a seminar for couples with infidelity issues to once again hammer home their point that we all should define the terms of our own relationships!

About the Author: 

​Makes me wish I had someone...
Cheryl A.
​An excellent book for the open minded reader!!! I enjoyed tagging along with Keri and David as their sexual adventures became more risky. Makes me wish I had someone to conquer the world with sexually :-)

Wow! Damn! OMG! 
When you say devious, you really mean it! I did feel kinda sorry for Sherry Morgan though...My sister just downloaded it and she texts me at the end of each chapter with Wow! Damn! OMG! 

Ride or Die!
Paul W.
What I liked most about this book is the ride or die attitude of David and Keri! How can you not admire a couple like that seeing how most marriages today end in ugly courtroom divorce battles?

​I Absolutely Loved this Book!
"His powerful hips thundering into her backside"!!! Makes this cougar want to go out an find herself a few cubs! I absolutely loved this book!

​Chatting about who we should seduce!
​Mike & Patty
My wife kept telling me about this ebook she was reading about a couple who are swingers but not in the traditional sense. I didn't understand what she was talking about but now I do! You should hear us chatting over breakfast about who we should seduce and how we would go about helping each other in the process! Thanks Fletcher Brown...I think :-)

​Great Read 
By Michelle Wright

This book was so good. She was a true example of standing by whatever her man wanted but I enjoyed the relationship they shared. This book will not disappoint.

By Moni M.

This book is definitely a page-turner. Talk about "Ride or Die"...that describes Keri to a "T". She is down for whatever for her man! I wouldn't want to mess with her. I finished this in 1 weekend because I couldn't wait to find out what they would get into next...and with whom!

Awesome, erotic page turner
​Andrea G.

This is a great read that will keep you interested, intrigued and turning the pages; I finished it in one sitting! The story of the two and the trust, love and respect they have for each other makes you automatically like them...and desire for a relationship that is fun and open like theirs is!


“I’ll get to that. Ok so two hotel rooms on separate floors say one on nine and the other on ten. The room on ten will have music, food, drinks, adult movies on the television and three women waiting there.” An incredulous look comes over Keri’s face as she listens to his idea for his best friend’s party.
“The room on nine will be for Shane and this is where the real party will take place.”
“Well anyway, Shane will be there wearing only a robe. I will be the MC of the party that will go something like this. I will escort each of the women one at a time down to the room on nine to have sex with my blindfolded friend.”
“Why does he have to wear a blindfold,” asks Keri as she takes a swig of her beer. David looks into her eyes and smiles.
“Me,” she exclaims placing a hand on her chest! “I knew you would factor me into this somehow.”
“You know something, when we were in college you would often comment on his broad shoulders and his good looks. I remember that friend of yours from high school that you fixed him up with.”
“Yeah, Rebecca. You went out of your way to tell her how handsome he is and that he’s so big and muscular.”
“Yeah so? When you’re trying to fix someone up with someone else you have to sell them on the person.”
“Exactly! So in all that time are you really going to tell me that you never once fantasized about having sex with number 82?” Keri smiles and runs her fingers through her hair.
“Yes but who doesn’t have harmless fantasies?”
“Everyone does for sure. It will be fun don’t you think? Besides he will never know it’s you.”

Fletcher's writing career started when he began writing erotic short stories for fun and sharing them with his friends! He would personalize them based on who he was sending them to! A few of those short stories led to initial meetings and it was one of these friends that suggested that he seek publication! He is a Communications Specialist having operated in both the government and civilian sectors. Fletcher is from Baltimore Maryland but now makes his home in Seattle Washington.